Maria VanderMolen's Art - Dimensional Pointillism


the art, the story....

Call it Meditative.  Call it overwhelming patience.  Call it OCD.  No matter what you call it, the work of Maria VanderMolen will cause you to pause, in wonder, as you try to determine if this is bead work, or stitchery, and then you realize it is paint.

  • "The fascinating thing about Maria's art is it's tactile, you just feel drawn to touch it..."
  • "Maria has the most unique style, I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it."
  • "I couldn't believe it was paint, it looks like the embroidery my mother used to do..."
  • " Lichtenstein of you!"

Originally from Michigan, Maria was trained in Advertising and Graphic Design, but throughout her life has loved art.  She began oil painting at 12, progressed into photography, and any other form she could get her hands on.  Maria met her husband Scott through his mother and an oil painting class, and he sparked a whole new phase of artwork and experimentation.  Together they created a line of masks that were sold in the Lake Michigan resort community of Grand Haven.  While attempting to simulate a beaded mask, Maria discovered a technique that she has not yet stopped - Dimensional Pointillism. 

The love of the desert and the Southwest has been a recurring theme in many of her works.  Her unique style combines fabric, paint, markers, and found objects into pointillist works reminiscent of Australian aboriginal dotted paintings.

Maria has been a Board Member of the Vegas Artists Guild for three years, and is a strong supporter of Arts in Las Vegas.  Her work as been shown at the PeaceNart Studio, La Chica, and Jenny Valdez Gallery in the Arts Factory, the N.O.I.S.E. Project, the College of Southern Nevada, Southern Nevada Center for the Arts, City of the World Gallery, Dinosaurs and Roses,  Studio 810, Circadian Gallery, RAW Vegas (2011 and 2012 Semi-finalist), FAM by JimiCTO, and Guild shows throughout Las Vegas. 


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Maria VanderMolen, Artist
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